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Got Milk? Oreos & Cum! (Cum on food 1)

(Henry) As you can see, this video was pretty much totally improvised. I worked a night shift 2 days ago, (from 11pm to 7am). At around 6.30am she woke up, so I offered her to have breakfast together, as we've been sharing little time lately. What was her response? Her: "It's a shame we don't anything at home for breakfast, we could sauce something" Me: "Oh yeah?" Her: "Yup, we've been wanting to repeat it (the cum on food thing) for a while, this could be a good chance" (I fucking love this woman, did I told you that already?) So I stopped by a gas station a couple of blocks from home (the only place where I could get anything at 7am) and bought some things... on one condition, everything was for her to eat after I came on it. As you can see, she was happy with my idea, and oreos were the first choice from the bag. Why oreos, I assume many are asking, well: Dark color gives an excellent contrast against my cum. Really crunchy (I wasn'

Blowjob on the side of the bed and facial

(Henry) I love this video (even if her arms are a little sunburned!) Please leave a comment!

Blowjob, cum in mouth, cumplay and swallow!

(Henry) On this one, we were still testing our new camera! What do you think? (is 1.40 minutes worth of cumplay enough for testing? hehe) Please leave a comment!