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Do you want to help us? Now you can!

(Henry) Hello! An incredibly generous fan asked if we had a paypal account in order to receive tips and donations. So we created one! 

We are still working on the details, but we have some ideas for rewards for backers that I'm sure you'll love!

Thanks a lot!

(In a later post we'll talk about the ideas we have for the page, but don't worry, it isn't in our plans to lock content behind a paywall!)

Ahora disponible! Version en español!

A todos nuestros visitantes de Argentina, España, Mexico y demas paises que hablen español, haciendo click en la bandera de Argentina, o entrando a pueden acceder a la version en español del sitio!
A partir de ahora vamos a postear en ambos idiomas!

(Andie) Let me explain something to you...

(Andie) No, I do not like cum.

It took 6 long months for my husband, then boyfriend, to get me to swallow. It all started when we met. The chemistry in the bed was perfect but there was a barrier: cum. I could suck it frenetically and play like a real pornstar but everything ended when he told me he was about to come. Then, he came in my belly or on my tits because I wanted it away from my mouth.

I didn’t know how to suck it either, to be honest. He taught me what he liked or how he wanted me to hold it. He is a good teacher and I´m a good student; obedient.

Anyway, he did something that almost no man does in bed with his partner: he took the time. Time to show me how important it was for him that I swallowed, how much he liked to watch me suck it, how good I could look doing it and, obviously, how much it turned him on.

I understood everything but I could not smell it. Nevertheless, little by little, I tried. First, I let him come in my mouth and ran to the bathroom to spit it. Then…