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Cum falling after a mouthful!

(Henry)  Another quickie, this was taken after giving her a nice cum mouthful. I love the way it falls from her mouth, what do you think? Please leave a comment!

Our first porn video! (2011 - blowjob & cum swallow)

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New cumwalk video!

(Henry)  Hope you enjoy this one! It's an extended and uncropped version of our previous cumwalk video. Please leave a comment!  

Waffles & Cum!

(Henry) Hi! As I need to test how the images look, I could also take this chance to give you a little present! This images are from 2012, and we can see her enjoying some milk caramel and cum waffles. (we want to do this again, but on video) Please leave a comment!                 


(Henry) Hello! Well, after a long, long time we've finally created our blog! The idea here is to be able to talk about what happens behind our videos, about new ideas, share things that really don't belong in pages like pornhub, and so on. By the way, at the beginning of each post, you'll see the name of who's posting, so you know who you're talking too. Still, we both read all of your comments and messages! We would really love to get feedback from our fans, so please feel free to comment or contact us!