(Henry) Hello!

Well, after a long, long time we've finally created our blog! The idea here is to be able to talk about what happens behind our videos, about new ideas, share things that really don't belong in pages like pornhub, and so on.

By the way, at the beginning of each post, you'll see the name of who's posting, so you know who you're talking too. Still, we both read all of your comments and messages!
We would really love to get feedback from our fans, so please feel free to comment or contact us!


  1. your videos are great, shes very pretty and kinky, but i would lke to see how you fuck and more kinky things. thanks for share.

    1. Thanks! We'll be expanding our scope soon, so far we've only published a couple of videos, but that number will grow soon!

  2. muy buenos vídeos!!, me gustaría que ella hablara mas y dijera cosas sucias para que los vídeos sean mas interesantes y no tan aburridos, se los recomiendo. gracias por compartir !!!

    1. Gracias por tu comentario! Una pena que te parezcan aburridos los vídeos, la verdad que nosotros nos divertimos mucho! Interesante tu sugerencia, no se nos había ocurrido que ella diga esas cosas, tendremos que probar! Por cierto, estoy armando un blog en español además de este, veamos si puedo tenerlo online dentro de no mucho!


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