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Why we have been publishing less content lately (and how you can help us to continue doing what we love!)

Hi! Long time no see! We've missed you! And we've missed creating content for you! Unfortunately, the past year has been really rough and it has taken a toll on our finances, stress, health, and even our relationship. We hoped for this year to be better... but it turned out even worse. Inflation is rampant in our country, and the cost of living has gone up so much, that my salary hovers barely over the poverty line. I started a new job the past month, and was expecting the new pay to be enough, but it unfortunately it isn't. Andie is an amazing CrossFit and Spinning coach, and people at the gym love her! Unfortunately, she only had classes booked 3 times per week, and that love doesn't translate into extra cash, so she barely got a few bucks each day. A couple of months ago, taxes increased so much that she couldn't even break even, and had to stop giving classes altogether. As cash wasn't enough to reach the end of the month, we had to use credit cards in order