Why we have been publishing less content lately (and how you can help us to continue doing what we love!)

Hi! Long time no see!

We've missed you! And we've missed creating content for you!

Unfortunately, the past year has been really rough and it has taken a toll on our finances, stress, health, and even our relationship. We hoped for this year to be better... but it turned out even worse.

Inflation is rampant in our country, and the cost of living has gone up so much, that my salary hovers barely over the poverty line. I started a new job the past month, and was expecting the new pay to be enough, but it unfortunately it isn't.

Andie is an amazing CrossFit and Spinning coach, and people at the gym love her! Unfortunately, she only had classes booked 3 times per week, and that love doesn't translate into extra cash, so she barely got a few bucks each day. A couple of months ago, taxes increased so much that she couldn't even break even, and had to stop giving classes altogether.

As cash wasn't enough to reach the end of the month, we had to use credit cards in order to buy groceries... and you know how that goes after some time...

So this month is the first time that I haven't actually been able to cover our bills.

My stress levels have been through the roof for over a year. So much, that my health is paying for it, my stiff neck pinching my nerves and hurting my shoulder as I type this. I had to quit boxing because of my shoulder, and I miss it so much! (I'm currently working on fixing my health, and slowly getting back into training)

Of course, Andie is depressed and stressed, and this affects our relationship and our content, doing a video wasn't among the things on our minds lately. We always said that we weren't going to fake content, and we mean it. If we're not in the mood for a video, we're not going to fake it, even if that means missing out on publishing for a week.

Luck hasn't really been on our side this past year, lots of things broke in our house, including my PC, so we had to replace it at great expense, and my speedlight blew up somehow (and I still haven't gotten around to fix it, as they're surface mount components, which are a pain in the ass to replace, and I couldn't afford to get it fixed by pros)

Despite all of this, we wanted to celebrate our anniversary, plus valentines day, so we decided to dust off our equipment and do a new video (Andie had an amazing idea, I believe this is one of our most creative and funny videos so far!)

And you know what? It felt great! Andie was absolutely stunning, it was incredible to have her on her knees for me again. (damn I love her so much!)

This led us to talk about how much we missed doing videos, how much we enjoyed doing them, and how it's good for our relationship when we film, so we both agreed that we should get back to creating content.

After this, several months passed, and we still wanted to create videos, but couldn't get around to actually recording them.

During this time, Reddit became a cesspool, and our subreddits were banned for no reason (I don't think we're going to attempt to recover them), Twitter became a pile of crap (Andie wants to delete those accounts too) and Xvideos blocked most of our videos because of our watermarks, which means that we had to edit and reupload all our videos (so we are rolling back our name change, going back from The Art of Cum to Cum Art HD as it was originally, as the name change didn't really worked and it only gave us trouble)

So we've been publishing videos lately, but we still can't escape the fear of not reaching the end of the month. This month, for example, I'm already out of cash, and there are still bills to pay, and don't forget a family to feed for an entire month.

An obvious way of getting an extra income is through our content, but, how? Making money was never our goal, so we don't have any experience with this.

We despise the way the typical OF models monetize their content, so we needed to think of a way to get some extra income from what we do, but at the same time not feel like we are ripping you off, or putting our content behind a paywall.

So after giving it much thought, we decided to ask for your help.

The best option we found so far is offering a membership on the sites that allow it, so our fans can lend us a hand, which would give them early access to our videos. You'll be able to see videos one month early this way, and at the same time, you'll be helping us greatly during these hard times.

This is currently up on the following sites:

We are currently working on setting up a OnlyFans account, for those who prefer that site.

We also set up a PayPal account, our link is https://paypal.me/CumArtHD. I'm kinda afraid it might get blocked, so I'd advice using the account we created for our game: https://paypal.me/HenryAndAndieGames Any little help you can send our way is really appreciated!

I'm still thinking about other ways people can help, if you have any ideas please let us know!

If you can't or don't want to subscribe, that's okay, you'll won't miss out on this content, you'll just need to wait a few weeks and it'll be up as usual. You can still help us by watching and sharing our content!

I also started working on my idea for a game about our story, as soon as it's a little more fleshed out I'll have a Patreon up, so you can share feedback and playtest it! For those who don't know: I've played several "Slave/Wife Trainer" games, and the main theme is always the same, to force and coerce the poor girl or girls so they can do what you want, sometimes using torture to achieve your means.

This made me think about how my relationship with Andie grew. From hating oral sex, and not receiving cum in her mouth or face, to where we are today, and it was all thanks to our love, care, and respect for each other.

Then what if we created a game about this? About growth as a couple, instead of perpetrating the abuser fetish prevalent in most games?

I'm planning on a visual novel created on RenPy, which would tell our story from the moment we met to the current day (I'm probably going to have to do it in a few chapters). And you'll be able to affect your relationship according to the options you choose, which would end up affecting the relationship. And of course, there'll be intimate scenes for those special moments. I'll talk about this  in more detail in a later post if people are interested

So here we are, we'd rather be honest with you, swallow our pride, and ask for your help, instead of disappearing for months at a time without warning.

 Thank you so much for your support! You guys (and gals) rock!

Talk to you soon!


  1. So sad to hear about this, i was following you guys from very beginning and knew that your personal life wasn’t very smooth going lately so never complained about the videos.
    I never pay for porn or anything online usually but i love you guys so much
    I was always ready to get your content even when i found out about pornhub fans only album, i tried to contact you to ask about it and you told me unfortunately nothing could be happened for that… but i was wondered if we as viewer can help you and i always wanted and I’ll love to.
    I’ll try to get one of these subscription, even though it’s content gonna be available after few weeks.

  2. I had one request, what are the payment methods? Does any of these support UPI?

  3. Please make sex videos also it will be amazing and people will like them, it will also make you financially grow

  4. I desperately hope you two work things out. Your content has been so unique across the internet of cum appreciation


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