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Photo slideshow #2 - Violet lips - CFNM Cum Dripping and Cum on Clothes!

Hi! This was our second photo session. Still from before I studied photography, but we can see a clear improvement over the previous ones!
I really, really love this photos. Andie looks amazing, there's so much cum dripping from her mouth into her clotes, I love everything about this!

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Photo Slideshow #1: CFNM Double cumshot! (Facial + Blowjob + Mouthful)

Hi! This is just a quick video I made as we haven't been able to record any new videos lately! At the same time, you can check our first photo session! Andie looks lovely, but I screwed up with the camera settings, so the images are noisy! Sorry about that! Please leave a comment!

Blowjob in purple! Blowjob + Oral Creampie + Cumplay

(Henry): Hell yeah! New video!

This was suggested by a fan!

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Handjob + cum on candy berries! (Cum on food 3)

(Henry): Another week, another video!

Something our fans requested a lot! More cum on food!

It is possible we end up focusing mostly on cum on food videos in our channel, what would you think of this?

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Our "About us" page has been updated!

(Henry): About time, am I right?! Let us know if you believe something important is missing!

You can read it here:

Stripes over red - Our first (and flawed!) photo session.

Hi! Something a little different this time, a photo album!
This were taken some time ago (January 2017), This was the first "photo session" we did, before I knew how to properly use the camera, before I know about photography and lightning, and before we got proper lights and reflectors. Also, I screwed up, so photos came up really dark and full of noise (ISO was set to auto, came up to 6400!) 
When editing this photos, I had a hard choice to make, do I remove the noise, leaving the image blurry? Or should I try to keep the image as sharp as possible, which would also mean lots of noise remaining? I went a little more towards the second option, as they are closer to the original image. (I might edit them to be really soft, and upload them too, as they end up looking really interesting, kinda dreamy)

Still, I really like this photos, Andie looks lovely, she looks really great covered in cum... So even though they're flawed, we decided to upload this photos! We believe th…


(Henry): Another week, another video!

I really like this one. The idea was simply to cum on her clothes, but honestly, she looked so hot with her cum covered clothes, that I had to had her blow me so I could give her a second one!

We also played a little bit with our camera angles, and adding silver reflectors as background.

By the way, do you want to know where the idea to cum on this particular piece of clothing came from? Andie! We were walking together, and as we passed next to a store, she saw this black (shirt? blouse?) with stars on the showcase, looked at me and said "that would be great to cum all over it"... of course my reaction was to tell her what a good slut she was, and bought it!

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(Andie): It was 5 am, we were back from a birthday party. It was really late, and we were really tired, still, I proposed to him: let's take advantage of the makeup, bijouterie, and the hairdo, and let's make two things we have pending: Let's get verified on Pornhub and Xhamster, and let's make a facial video, something fans have been requesting a lot.

He quickly got the set done, and we started recording, even if it was a little improvised. It was mostly paying attention to where were each one of us going to stand, but still, we had to organize things a bit.

Everything started fine. We kissed, I undressed him and I started sucking him off. We are the parents of a 7 months old baby, who has his own schedule and, of course, we got interrupted. Regardless of this, after a little pause, we kept going.

I don't believe this blowjob was out of this world, but it did was one on which I had fun; as I always do. Sometimes with my hands, sometimes only with my mouth, I tried to…

(Andie) Let me explain something to you...

(Andie) No, I do not like cum.

It took 6 long months for my husband, then boyfriend, to get me to swallow. It all started when we met. The chemistry in the bed was perfect but there was a barrier: cum. I could suck it frenetically and play like a real pornstar but everything ended when he told me he was about to come. Then, he came in my belly or on my tits because I wanted it away from my mouth.

I didn’t know how to suck it either, to be honest. He taught me what he liked or how he wanted me to hold it. He is a good teacher and I´m a good student; obedient.

Anyway, he did something that almost no man does in bed with his partner: he took the time. Time to show me how important it was for him that I swallowed, how much he liked to watch me suck it, how good I could look doing it and, obviously, how much it turned him on.

I understood everything but I could not smell it. Nevertheless, little by little, I tried. First, I let him come in my mouth and ran to the bathroom to spit it. Then…


(Henry) Hi!

Something a little different today! I got back home in my uniform, so we decided to play a little bit the tie!

As you can see, we are trying some new things on this video, as far as editing, different takes, having a little more time on camera, not doing only doing a fixed POV of her sucking, so please, let us know what you think!

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(Henry) Hello again!

You know, I got some new boxers some time ago, those with the little buttons on the front. In all honesty, we got them with one thing in our minds: blowjobs! So, here's a little test we did!

As always, your comments are really appreciated!


(Henry) Hello again! It took a long time, but we're back!

Here we have a little, funny video from February, I think it's the perfect way to get ready for Easter!

You'll see there's no sound, I had to mute the video, as there was an insane amount of background noise, believe when I say this way is better.

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So... About the lack of content lately...

(Henry) Hello guys and girls! It's nice to be able to reach to you again!
As you might be aware, we haven't uploaded anything during the past... 3 months already? Wow, that really is a long time.,
So why haven't we uploaded anything? Several reasons, let me list them below:

We had a baby! He is healthy and beautiful, also he is taking any spare moment me or my wife have, as he isn't in a nursery yet. It's not a small feat being a parent, even more if you have two kids and both you and your wife work.

I started working rotary shifts, which not only leave extremely tired, but now I only see my wife only a couple days a week. Before this change, I was doing night shifts, which allowed me to have a routine, I also had spare time during the night to edit and upload stuff, not anymore!

The laptop I use to edit and upload broke down. (I used my wife's old laptop to edit our photos and videos during my spare time at work, as every night I had a few hours available.)  G…