Our Fan club is available!

Hi! As you can see, our Fan Club is available.
This is good news for our fans for several reasons:

First, this will allow you to choose what we do in our videos! Twice each month! Of course, very soon we'll publish a list of things which we'll do, and which we won't [there's a list in our blog in "About us", in case you're curious!
How will this work? Let me explain, we aim to do 4 videos each month, following this list:

1] One video chosen by Andie
2] One video chosen by me, Henry
3] One video chosen by you, our fans, from a list we give you [we'll give 3, 4, 5, [not sure yet] options for you to vote]
4] And this might be the cherry on top for you: One video made following YOUR ideas! Every fan will be able to suggest an idea for a video each month, Then, you'll be able to vote among all suggestions, and the winner will be our next video!

Second: You'll get access to our photos in their original size! I'll have to find a way to share them with you, maybe drive or dropbox, as pornhub doesn't allow HD photo upload, How big are they really? 5472 x 3648px! I don't know how viable this idea is, but let's try and see if it works!

Third: You'll get a %50 discount on our videos! It's the least we can do for you!

And fourth, and most important: You'll be helping us, a lot. You see, we live in Argentina and boy, things are expensive here. Our salary is around half than in the US, and things can cost between x2 to x4, as you can see, getting equipment for our videos isn't easy, still, I managed to get several thousands of dollars in equipment, a lot of which I'm still paying! Getting new and better equipment is pretty much impossible at this point. So every cent we get help us towards this, being able to get new stuff without breaking the piggy bank!

Also, and let me dream for a second, if this channel grows, and you help us, maybe someday I'll be able to quit my job, and work full time doing what I love: Porn and Photography! [Oh boy, I could get so, so much porn done every week!] Well, there you have it!

Head to our profile if you want to know more!

Let us know what you think!


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