So, about this 4 months without new content...

Hello! Henry here. I wanted to give you guys and girls some info about our absence during this months:

Short answer? Murphy's Law is a bitch.

Ok ok, allow me to explain thing a little more:
First of all, let me give you some insights about our routine, and how do we manage to make videos:

Both Andie and I work, and we have 2 children, a little girl, and a baby boy. Those of you who are parents might already know this, babies take a lot of time and care and don't care about your routine, so we have to mold our plans and ideas to fit with our family life.

Also, Andie and I have different schedules; she works from 9 to 5, free weekends. Me? I have rotary shifts, and just 6 free days a month. Let me show you how this looks like:

Bi-weekly schedule

As you can see, it is pretty populated and convoluted, and pay in mind that it doesn't include time to travel from place to place, eat, taking a bath, or even sleep (hint, I haven't had some quality sleep in a while)

So, during the entire week, I can spend some little time with my family, but never with Andie alone, except for a few moments each several days, and our top chance of being together is the Friday night where I don't work, as neither of us has to get up early the other day (Saturday night? I need to get up at 5.30am, we have made videos here, but I had to go to work without sleep, believe me, it's not the recipe for a nice and productive day)

Let's add some more to this, people get sick, kids get sick a lot, mostly our baby boy, our daughter broke her wrist a few months ago, so that's extra time and care... enough? Nope! Let's continue:
Because of a co-worker vacation first, and health reasons later, I've spent 3 of the last 4 months working night shift non-stop, why non-stop? If I work during my free days, I get paid extra, and, even though I'm not going to get political here, our country is going through an economic crisis, and it gets worse every day (a close example: 2 years ago my monthly salary was equal to 1000u$d, now its equal to 500u$d, meanwhile, every product or service increased in value between 2x and 10x)
So, if I get the chance to get a few extra bucks, I take it (I'm still paying for our photography, lighting and misc equipment) but, at what cost? Health.

I'm currently sick, it's the 3rd time I got sick during this 2 months, maybe 5th time during this 4 months. It turns out that having no free time, not eating properly, and sleeping between 2 and 5 hours each day it's not really a recipe for success.

Besides this, I haven't spent a single night with Andie since all this ordeal began, even more, as I have to leave for work as everyone is having dinner, we can't even have some private time before I leave. (we are lucky if we can have a quick blowjob during the week, no, not during each day of the week, one, in all those days, can see the problem here? if could wrap some bandages around my balls for Halloween to dress them like a mummy, as they're literally mummified!)

Well, back to the subject at hand, the one thing that made you click on this blog the first time: Porn. Specifically, our porn videos:
When we began, I simply uploaded old videos we had, they need some work (watermark, upload them, etc) but it was pretty quick, and I could do it in my spare time, regardless of Andie's schedule. (some examples of this: Our first porn video, the many clips from the cumpilation)

Later on, we started filming new videos, knowing that they were going to be uploaded, so a little more work was put into them, but still, it was something like:
"Let's fuck"
"Okay! While we're at it, we can make a video!"
And so we took a quick video with our phones, quick edit, and presto! (examples: the oreos and the cum on tie videos)

Now, I know we are not Brazzers, but still, we aim to do quality stuff, we don't want to keep doing handheld phone videos, we want to do quality stuff (hence the "HD" in our name). This means planning, this means we need time and space, more than most would assume, let's see:

1) Let's say we already have an idea, like our "Cum on berries" video, so that's done, but we still need to have time available to be alone with Andie to be able to do this, between 1 and 2 hours (do you think it's too much? keep reading)
2) Kids are asleep! I don't work this night, let's do this! Ok, first, we need to order our room, as we have a tiny space available (less than 1x2mts or around 3x6 feet) so every inch of space matters
3) Done? Great, now, Andie needs to change into whatever she's going to wear and do her makeup, and hair if needed
4) Meanwhile, I can set up the lights, camera, background (the continuous ligth, umbrella, and tripod we were using takes up half of the available space, and let's not forget I need to set the camera) all this takes time, even more so because now we can barely move in our room
5) We said this was going to be a cum on food video, so I need to set a table, set the platter, the food, etc
6) Andie's makeup is done! Now it's time for some hardcore... camera setting and lights fine tuning. Yup, I need to take sample photos and video segments to see if everything is working, meanwhile, we are discussing how will everything fold out, what is she going to do when I come, what happens then, etc
7) Ok! We're done! Let's begin! Here I start recording, get in front of the camera, and hope everything works, and we don't get interrupted (it's happened, if you check "After party facial", we had to stop and continue sometime later)
8) In this example, we wanted a closeup of the cumshot, so when I was close we had to stop, I had to set the scene, and start recording again
9) Cumshot time! At last, I can finally come! And now I need to quickly go and set the scene again, as we want to see Andie, don't we?
10) Scene set again! Let's enjoy watching Andie eat!
11) Done? Well, time to dismantle and store everything
12) Everything is stored, so we're done right? Nope! We have to edit this baby! Granted, I can do this in my spare time, but this is just a reminder that a video's work doesn't stop when you stop the camera. In this case, I believe I had 2 hours to edit the video in Premiere, plus one or two for it to be exported, and another one or two hours for Pornhub to upload it.
13) Oh, do you want another step? Here we go: This has to be posted on our blog, and then, links have to be shared on social media

So, as you can see, we have 11 steps to complete, and this takes time, between one and two hours seems to be a good estimate. This is the reason why I've spent the little spare time I had experimenting with new lights and led panels, we need something that takes less space, and is easier and quicker to set. Less time getting things ready = More time making videos, while also increasing the chances for videos to be made.

I'd love to make new videos every day, it would really be my dream come true, alas, I can't. As you can see, there's a lot going on behind the camera, and things got really complicated in the worst ways possible.

If you are still reading, (thank you) I'm sorry it took me so long to explain what was going on, I honestly didn't knew things would get out of our hands in such a violent manner.

Since day 1, we were amazed by the amazing support we receive from you, and how you encourage us to continue. This is, in all honesty, the dream of my life. While other kids wanted to be star soccer players, or have a supercar, I was dreaming of one day having a porn site with my partner (a pretty wild dream for a then virgin boy, without a girlfriend, haha).

Even though I'm completely proud of what we've made, I know there's a lot to improve. First of all, I believe, it's communication with you. That's what my twitter messages and survey are about, I'm looking for ways to keep in touch, to be able to give you something, being a video, photo, anecdote or even a tip,  disappearing like this it's not good for anyone.

I'm still working on how we'll be able to make new videos, but in the meantime, remember you can contact us via any means you want: email, twitter, comments, hell, I even installed skype the other day! (as always, @CumArtHD or, depending on the plataform)

Let us know what you think, we read every comment and message, and we really care about what you have to share (by the way, Andie really, really wants to hear from our female fans, please get in touch! At least let us know what you think, if you would do something like that, etc! We are really intrigued to know what does our content generates in other women!)

Thanks again, and just so you know, this post took about 2.30hs, and I still have to post it and share it! See? Time is our enemy! Tick tock!

Below there's a little gift for those of you who made it this far.
A big hug, Henry.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi! Unfortunately, that's all we have! As she had cum on her eye, I quickly cut the video and gave her something to clean up! It was cute for her to cum-wink, but it sting like hell, and that's not what I want for her!

  2. Dear Ones!
    I have three children myself. I know how complicated life can be. To photograph was my profession and I know how much work the light and the cameras do. Anyway, I'm very impressed and pleased that you let us normal mortals look at this incredible intense familiarity and almost impossible loving devotion. It's like heaven. You manage it again and again that even really obscene things are only beautiful.

    I sincerely wish you more time for you, without camera or headlights. I wish you from my heart, that you have more time for yourself, without camera or headlights, in pure, loving togetherness.

    You two prove to me that there are also dream partners in relationships. My parents always tried to teach me that the dream partner does not exist. That makes me sad. A relationship always included compromises. Sure, life is complicated. But if a relationship allows for such an intimacy as you demonstrate to us, the framework conditions (money, illness, lack of sleep, no recovery, stress in general) are much better tolerated.

    I'm still alive! Your videos are not necessary to life. Please take care of yourself. In my opinion, you really have more pressing problems than to take care of your followers. Buddha said, "You can do little for others as long as you are confused or suffering!" It's fine to look after yourself first and then look after others. Do not get upset in your efforts for your followers. You already do what you can. ... and that's really amazing. You are magical to each other. In order to see this, to experience this proof, that it is possible such a fit between life partners, I need no NEW videos. It is enough for a long-ago-seen!


    Many, many thanks for this intimate insight into your life. And again I can not help but be amazed. Great people, and a great honor to know you (at least over the distance).

    Best wishes, Your Dirk N.



    1. First of all, I'm sorry it took me so long to reply! You are too kind, we really appreciate your message! Just as you said, things got really busy and confusing here, as such, we couldn't accomplish anything! Little by little, we managed to get things in order, and even though it's not perfect, at least we have some time and energy to focus on our page and videos!

      If you ask me, and I could choose, I'd make a new video every day, I'd quit my job and work fulltime doing this! That'd be a dream come true! Unfortunately, that's not how things work. I need to keep my job, dedicate time to my family and my health and rest! (but here's hoping someday I can do what I love for a living!)

      As you are a father, you understand how precious time and energy is! Kids are amazing, but boy, they do take up a lot of energy! hahaha

      A big hug from both of us, hope to hear again from you soon!

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  4. Replies
    1. Hi! She isn't interested on showing that at the moment, just blowjobs and handjobs!


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