Stripes over red - Our first (and flawed!) photo session.

Hi! Something a little different this time, a photo album!

This were taken some time ago (January 2017), This was the first "photo session" we did, before I knew how to properly use the camera, before I know about photography and lightning, and before we got proper lights and reflectors. Also, I screwed up, so photos came up really dark and full of noise (ISO was set to auto, came up to 6400!) 

When editing this photos, I had a hard choice to make, do I remove the noise, leaving the image blurry? Or should I try to keep the image as sharp as possible, which would also mean lots of noise remaining? I went a little more towards the second option, as they are closer to the original image. (I might edit them to be really soft, and upload them too, as they end up looking really interesting, kinda dreamy)

Still, I really like this photos, Andie looks lovely, she looks really great covered in cum... So even though they're flawed, we decided to upload this photos! We believe that what they have to offer outweighs the flaws and technical limitations!

You can check them out in this album:


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