Do you want to help us? Now you can!

(Henry) Hello! An incredibly generous fan asked if we had a paypal account in order to receive tips and donations. So we created one! 

We are still working on the details, but we have some ideas for rewards for backers that I'm sure you'll love!

Thanks a lot!

(In a later post we'll talk about the ideas we have for the page, but don't worry, it isn't in our plans to lock content behind a paywall!)


  1. Looking for the details, I will be glad to donate too! :)

    And can you please share the thumbnail photo of the paypal account in full size here, because she looks hot in that pic :) Thanks! :)

    1. (Henry): Hi! Thanks a lot!
      We are thinking about how to handle this. So far, the best option that came to my mind, is to have subscribers, but not to hide content under a paywall, but to offer something extra for those who help us. Something like what? Well, maybe have early access to our videos, where they can also give their opinion for any retouch needed. Having access to polls, being able to vote on polls to choose our new content, I don't what else could we do.
      Even though we don't do this for the money, reality is we've spent a lot of money, in equipment, courses, software, clothes, bijouterie, makeup, etc. And getting some of that back would help a lot. I'd love to be able to have this as my full time job (I've dreamed about this my whole life, even more so after meeting Andie!) as that would allow me to dedicate myself 100% to this, and that would mean more content, better quality, faster responses, and a much, much happier life for me! hahahah
      Please let us know what you think!


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