(Andie) Let me explain something to you...

(Andie) No, I do not like cum.

It took 6 long months for my husband, then boyfriend, to get me to swallow. It all started when we met. The chemistry in the bed was perfect but there was a barrier: cum. I could suck it frenetically and play like a real pornstar but everything ended when he told me he was about to come. Then, he came in my belly or on my tits because I wanted it away from my mouth.

I didn’t know how to suck it either, to be honest. He taught me what he liked or how he wanted me to hold it. He is a good teacher and I´m a good student; obedient.

Anyway, he did something that almost no man does in bed with his partner: he took the time. Time to show me how important it was for him that I swallowed, how much he liked to watch me suck it, how good I could look doing it and, obviously, how much it turned him on.

I understood everything but I could not smell it. Nevertheless, little by little, I tried. First, I let him come in my mouth and ran to the bathroom to spit it. Then, as days went by, I managed to have it in my mouth "a little longer" than the day before. I did not run immediately to spit. We were on the right track. But the last step was missing, the most important one.

One day, we went out for dinner. We had been dating for 6 months, more or less. We returned home, I sucked it, he came in my mouth and I kept it inside, as long as I had done it the previous time. But that day was different. I hugged him and held my cheek close to his ear. And, gulp! I swallowed for the first time. He says it was the seafood we had that night but, no. It was his patience and his desire to teach me how well felt every time I did that. That day was the beginning.

Here I will make a parenthesis. Because I see coming the typical criticism of "oh, it doesn’t work if you don’t feel it, if you don’t do it because you want to". Wait, do not get ahead. I'm going to get to that point.

From there on, we began to expand the surfaces on which I could get a cumshot. Little by little, my face got more attention although there was another problem there: I used contact lenses at that time and I was terrified that it would get in my eyes. Which clearly happened and I did not like it at all. The cum itches in the eyes. But hey, it was part of the game.

As blowjobs and cumshots passed by, I was learning to live with the fact that my husband liked to come on me, he liked to see me covered in cum, and he liked me to swallow. One important thing that I managed to do for us was to show him how I could play with his cum in my mouth for a while. He loves it! Of course, I do not run out of problems. Here is another: I hate the taste of cum, I find it horrible, smells like bleach and according to the day (for several reasons) the taste goes from very salty to very bitter. And don’t get me started on the texture! That can be creamy but at the same time, another day, be lumpy and sticky. Yuck! No one who is sane can say "I like the taste of cum"; don’t lie to me.

Now, there is a comment that we always receive in the videos that we make, which is "you obviously like cum". Well, no. I hate it! I don’t like it, I didn’t like it and I won’t like it. And here I return to the parenthesis that I left above. In the 8 years that we have been together, my husband taught me how good I can look sucking his cock, he showed me how good I look with his cum on my face, he made me understand how much he likes everything I do and, fundamentally, he taught me to enjoy it. Therefore, before the comment "you obviously like cum" my answer is a resounding and categorical "No"; I do not like cum, it disgusts me, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned to enjoy it in the company of my husband, that I haven’t learned to enjoy it knowing what it causes to him when he watches me doing it, that I haven’t learned to forget about the taste, the smell, the texture, everything that makes me sick of cum, to share with him a moment that is entirely ours.

So, what you see in the videos and in the photos is nothing but a woman enjoying her sexuality in the company of her husband and a woman who understands that being the biggest slut for him is more important than the taste, the texture or the smell of cum.

So remember, no, I do not like cum.


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    1. Muchas gracias! Dentro de poco vamos a tener lista la version en español del sitio!

  2. So he makes you do stuff against your will? I'm confused. If my partner was into something I found extremely gross (like scat), I wouldn't do it for a million dollars. No matter how much she loved me. You obviously dislike what you do but keep on doing it.

    1. (Andie): Nobody is making me do anything against my will. What I'M saying is that despite the fact that I hate the taste of cum, I learnt to deal with it so we can have fun and share some new experiences.
      As you may check in the About us section, there are many things that we don't do and won't do even if we are asked for.
      There's a long way between doing something you find gross because you are forced to, and learning to deal with something you don't like that much but you still want to share with your partner and, of course, you decide you wanna go for it.

    2. But does your husband care about the fact that you dislike it? That is the question...

    3. (Andie): Of course he does. Actually, that's why he likes it so much and he appreciates even more what I do for him

    4. Ok. I found your videos hot of course, but I felt uncomfortable watching them after learning how much you hated it. I think sex like other things has to be enjoyed by both parties. Good to know no coercion is involved!

    5. (Andie): We both enjoy what we do. You're not getting the gist, here.
      That post tries to make a point on the fact that I don't find cum tasty but, nevertheless, I have managed to deal with its taste and learnt to enjoy it and have a great time with my partner.
      We're two grown ups living our sex life to the fullest. Try reading between the lines!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Bueno, simplemente pienso que no haria algo que mi pareja encontrara desagradable. Pienso que aunque ella lo hiciera, no duraria mucho tiempo con esta farsa. No es que quiera ponerte en contra de tu esposo o vice versa, ni nada por el estilo. Solo me parece un poco raro, honestamente. Si a mi no me gusta el limon, no me va a gusta aunque mi pareja le guste que me lo coma. ¿Me entiendes?

  3. Good job Andie! I would lick you clean too :)

    Licks and kisses,

  4. I want a girl like you damn big fan you make me so

    1. Hi! Well, it took us a long time and a lot of work to be here, we were two completely different persons when we met, maybe you need to find someone willing to take that journey with you?

      Hope you find it soon!


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