So... About the lack of content lately...

(Henry) Hello guys and girls! It's nice to be able to reach to you again!
As you might be aware, we haven't uploaded anything during the past... 3 months already? Wow, that really is a long time.,
So why haven't we uploaded anything? Several reasons, let me list them below:

We had a baby! He is healthy and beautiful, also he is taking any spare moment me or my wife have, as he isn't in a nursery yet. It's not a small feat being a parent, even more if you have two kids and both you and your wife work.

I started working rotary shifts, which not only leave extremely tired, but now I only see my wife only a couple days a week. Before this change, I was doing night shifts, which allowed me to have a routine, I also had spare time during the night to edit and upload stuff, not anymore!

The laptop I use to edit and upload broke down. (I used my wife's old laptop to edit our photos and videos during my spare time at work, as every night I had a few hours available.)  Granted, I fixed it, but it took some time and money, and honestly, I don't want to waste even more money on this, as it's an obsolete machine, but so far I haven't been able to get a new one.

I spent 3 weeks sick, so there we have almost another month down the drain.

And lastly, we want to create better material. Better quality, in every aspect. A clear example of this is our Oreos video: good idea, shitty execution. Lighting was bad, filming angles were bad, it was shot with a handheld phone (incredibly bad), because of the position and my clothes, Andie could only suck half of my cock, and was pretty uncomfortable doing it (this got us several "tiny dick" comments in some pages). So, what kind of content DO we want to create? Well, a closer example is our "Blowjob on the side of the bed and facial" video, yes, there's a lot to improve there too, but at least some basic things were there: we were shooting using our DSLR, we were comfortable, and weren't in a hurry, Andie had makeup on, and looked stunning.

As you can see, shooting a porn video takes a lot more work, and is a lot more involved than most people believe.

All is not lost, at least I managed to study a lot about photography (and a little about video composition and edition) during my spare time at work. I also got some new equipment (lights, reflector screens, etc) which will all allow us, hopefully, to create pro quality material.

So, when will things go back to normal? Well, during February we have our vacations, so you can expect some kind of content then. Later, in March, we'll have a nursery available for our baby, so I'll have the mornings available, that gives me a chance to edit and post stuff.

I want to thank you all for your patience, specially those of you who reached to us to give us support. As you can see, we haven't disappeared, neither do we plan to stop uploading, this were simply really busy and complicated months.

Thanks for reading! Here's a little prize for getting this far:


  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for the update! Well needed!
    You are the most promising, talented, had high hopes, but the too much silence, vanishes for the long is such disappointing.

    But reasons are clear now, much complications, but hopefully will be solved...and very much congratulate for your baby!! :)
    Even happier family life then before! :)

    And maybe if you want to listen to some advice.
    Everybody appreciate quality, that's for sure...BUT...we need quantity too :)
    Doesn't matter how good the quality is, if there is no video for 3 months...

    And one not exclude the other. What does it mean? That when only "bad quality" video is available /for example with cell phone camera/, then DO it!
    Maybe after 5 cellphone video there will be one high quality video, and everybody will like it!
    But all together there will be 6 videos, instead of 1 /quality/...and everybody loves more videos.
    More videos, the better. You not lose anything, but gain.
    So REGULARITY is the key, and every pornography channel knows this.
    If you vanishes too long, lose audience.
    But if you upload every week or so, is kind of we can feel your wife is ours :) And have a fun time every week, relax, and seeing your wife playing with cum :)
    Like we can count on this relax time every week :)
    New videos, new make ups, new clothes, new real life...
    Is like "day in the life" kind of stuff :)
    So keep making videos IF you can..."doesn't matter" the quality...
    And when you have a chance to do quality work, do will be fine too!
    And that means, that beyond quality videos, there will be more videos...

    Good example your cumplication video...which is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!!
    Would be such a waste if you didn't share it, because some bad quality arguments...

    So said enough, your wife is amazing, beautiful, have patience to play long with cum, and a charming character, keep going!!!!

    Wish you a nice holiday, and hopefully we will get some /more is better :)/ videos for our patience :)
    Pictures like above also appreciated! :)

    Nice day to both of you! :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! We agree with you, that's why I'm currently uploading a video taken with a cellphone, after all, no content is worse than content that could be improved!

      Things should be back to normal now, see you around!


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